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If You're Going Through Hell, Keep Going #Covid19

Almost 75 years ago, the British Empire was crawling to escape from vicious Nazi's attacks. Hitler was cruel and there was no hope left for England to win or survive during the second world war. At that time, chubby and funny faced 65 years old man took over as Prime Minister and he instantly restored the faith in public. In his very first speech, he told, "I have nothing to offer but blood, toil, tears and sweat.” So blunt!

Personally I am a big fan of his military leadership. And he is like a fountain of one liners. Some of his lines are most worshipped quotes by the mankind. While everything was dark, he told people, "If You're Going Through Hell, Keep Going!" This shows his fighting spirit and a clear intention of not giving up! In other speech he said, "Never, never, never give up.

I am writing this blog because I feel we are passing through a war like situation and unfortunately some segments of the society are not playing their roles. Before I throw more light on the subject, clearly understand that, War is won by minds first, then through weapons. And alone military doesn't fight the war, whole nation fights that. So if you are one of those, making mimicry of the government at this crucial time, just calling out the negativity loudly, then shut up... You are making it worse. Definitely you are not a cheerleader hired by the virus.

The history itself is a witness, that whenever we as a nation, got defeated badly, someone from our own homes had betrayed. And the whole nation suffers.

I believe that, the high death toll of Covid 2nd wave is partially thankful to its social and psychological impact. Due to continuous news coverage and ramping rumours all around, when people get infected and develop the initial symptoms, they feel like half dead!!! And this is how it works.

What we can do in such situations? Lets point out some important things...

1) Don't fear of Corona, It is there and we are going to defeat it.

As we discussed, fear and negativity are enemies to mental health. So do not get panic and vulnerable.

2) Follow precautionary measures to stop infection spreading.

Precautions is the only cure as of now. Soon the vaccination drives would start but till then we do not have defence system to this invisible enemy.

3) 3 Things to do for mental positivity!

Forget that corona is there and you have got a much desired vacation. What will be there in your mind? Do the things you wanted to do since long. Read. Sing. Paint and Relax.

4) This is time for Movies and Web-series

I am a travel and adventure enthusiast and I can suggest some very beautiful travel series if you want to watch. Not all the resources are free but worth to watch them.

  • Youtube

  1. Raahi:

  2. Soul Trail:

  3. Zanskar Series:

  4. Dr Kalam Audiobiography:

  5. India in Motion:

  • Netflix

  1. Our Planet:

  2. The Social Dilemma:

  3. Inside Bill's Brain:

  • Discovery Plus

  1. Expedition Asia with Ryan Pyle:

  • Vimeo

  1. Tough Rides:

  2. Extreme Treks:

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