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Do you know who you are?

Yesterday was June 21! And it is significatnt for 2 reasons. First, it is the longest day in the northen hemisphere and second, it is celebrated as International Yoga Day. What I am going to write in this blog is something important about ourselves. Some must known facts about ourselves.

I read this book sitting on the banks of Holy Beas Kund!

For common people, Yog means Aasan and Pranayam. That's not true. Yog, specifically Ashtang Yog consists 8 steps. These steps are meant to reach the altimate consciousness, and not for physical benefits like health, stability, concentration, memory etc etc. Its is a whole package to awaken the energy within. We are just taking selective bebefits of the Yog by using it for our personal self. Yog is not exercise, or a cardio, or a stretching. Yog is a lifestyle.

Before thousands of years, it was easy for people to follow the fundamentals of Yog, which is known as Yam & Niyam. Nowadays people are distracted due to the lifestyle and hence it has become tough for everyone to obtain those standards.

I am writing this blog, not to force you to learn Yog or Practice Yog. Actually I am also not doing that, I am sad for this fact. But I want you to read a small booklet: a 75 page book, which will enlighten you about what we are as a human body. We must be aware about our body and how it functions.

This small book is just an overview about the science which is thousands years old. And it throws lights on how the body is made, how it functions and how we can get best out of it. In scriptures, it is said that: शरीरमाद्यं खलु धर्मसाधनम्, which means, this body is surely the foremost instrument.

I do not want to speak out all the things which this book is meant for. I want you to read this personaly, taking some free time. This is not a quick read kind of book. You can read it slowly, or I would say drink like a nectar.

I have gifted copies of this book to so many friends. And I wish you also share this book with your friends. Reading makes us understand the things more clearly and profoundly.

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