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Hijacked by Hormones?

The family where I was born, the academy where I got trained and the organization where I am working, do not entertain much of the mood swings! And necessarily, being stable and able, or say being Sthitprajna is more important to keep things going.

But when I sit alone and think about the decisions taken in the past, certainly I feel that I have made some mistakes at certain time points, and that is natural and most obvious.

Today’s blog is not about any mood swings or mental stability but this will act as my observation over my performance and a role of an important chemical: that’s Vitamin B12, also known as cobalamin

I am a pure veg guy, never had eggs or sea food. Since I have shifted to Ahmedabad, and have started using RO water and AC for almost all the time, I have been suffering from B12 deficiency. I favour natural living and I strongly oppose allopathy medication both for precautionary measures and healing. And so I do not accept to take B12 injections and tablets.

Now let me know you how B12 deficiency has affected my body? Here are some points.

  • Tingling feet every night when I go to sleep

  • Weakness and fatigue are all over the day, at every moment, I feel exhausted even after waking up and having meals.

  • Mouth Ulcers have become headache for me

  • Mood Changes and Depression like feeling: This is

  • Frequently got sick with irritative bowl syndrome (IBS)

How these things have affected my performance?

  • My work has been disturbed and efficiency has been affected at a very large scale

  • I get irritations frequently

  • Anger issues and arguments with close ones and family members

So overlooking all the these, one thing comes out, that I have been hijacked by hormones many a times in these days. And that I have to cure. Anyways these problems are not that huge too, I am happily enjoying my work, but odd man out! Black spots are seen well in the bright backdrop!

This is a request to all the people, if you have any solution to cure this B12 drama, then it will surely help me a lot. You can dm me or comment here for larger interests.

Please note that I am not going to consume non veg/eggs/sea foods or the B12 injections.

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