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Do you know who you are?

Yesterday was June 21! And it is significatnt for 2 reasons. First, it is the longest day in the northen hemisphere and second, it is...

Facing Snow Storm on Bhrigu Lake Trek

It was a pleasant morning, and the creative team was having Idli-Sambhar in the breakfast. Without any doubt, the breakfast table offers...

Hijacked by Hormones?

The family where I was born, the academy where I got trained and the organization where I am working, do not entertain much of the mood s

With Love, From Saputara!

While I am writing this blog, I am sitting at a cliffside of its Sunrise Point. I have come alone with my Himalayan and I am watching the Sa

The best web series I ever watched!

If we talk about the genre of this series, then definitely a spiritual-romantic drama that also throws lights on Sufism and Ontology.

Himalayas: An Ultimate Teacher!

A teacher and a student could be a professional relation, but a Guru and a disciple are always on a different wave length!

The best book I have ever read!

People know Bear Grylls as just as an avid adventurer and a person who can eat anything to survive. To me, he is more than that.

Hey Intuition... Sorry!

Hey Intuition... Listen! You are not the guiding force You are the GOD! So stay tuned! As Always :)

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