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True Spirit: For Every Young Girl

Yesterday I watched a beautiful biographical drama film with a couple of my old college friends; and today for all the time it kept hovering over me. I am fond of quality documentaries and this specific one by NetFlix is a masterpiece. True Spirit is the NetFlix Film I am talking about, which is based on the true story of Jessica Watson, who in 2009 became the youngest sailor to circumnavigate the globe by herself.

She was born in 1993 in Queensland, Australia. She had a love for the ocean from a young age & she spent countless hours sailing with her family and that developed her skills on the water. At the age of 16, Jessica set out on her epic journey aboard her trusty sailboat, “Ella’s Pink Lady”.

Why do I want to write this blog?

The reason is very clear. In today's time, the younger generation feels good about being soft and getting pampered all the time. Especially girls, who believe and behave like they are super weak physically and expect boys to help them in the simplest of day-to-day works. In countries like India, where women's power has been suppressed for long years, such nonsense and irresponsible behavior can bring us into a generational glitch for sure.

I believe that energy is governed by thoughts, and thoughts by emotions. I mean to say, that your emotional toughness and emotional depth can directly affect your energy levels and define what one is going to do in life ahead. Females, being more emotionally active, I believe they have more access to energy, in that way.

In the era of TikTok and Reels, where cheap attention is easy to get. Jessica is living a normal life far from the world of fame and shame. Even though she is the author of 2 best sellers and a person on whom a Netflix Documentary is made, she is a "ground to earth" kind of person.

What did she do?

If I share all the things here, that may not serve my purpose: to push you to watch the film. But there are things I want to share with you all.

  1. Jessica completed her solo voyage around the globe in 210 days at the age of 16 years without taking any supplement or help, without stopping at any harbor.

  2. She faced severe storms and other problems.

  3. The 16-year-old was a preschooler when she was diagnosed with severe dyslexia – the lone child in the class unable to count to 10 or recite the alphabet.

  4. Her parents were criticized by the media for allowing her for this risky adventure.

The Trailer

If you love to watch such inspirational stories, you should not miss this. Also, don't miss to share with someone you know who is feeling low. This story is specially made for young girls, who dream big!

Don't forget to share such quality watch with me, and share your reviews after watching! Jai Hind 🇮🇳

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