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With Love, From Saputara!

While I am writing this blog, I am sitting at a cliffside of the Sunrise Point. I have come alone with my Himalayan and I am watching the Saputara’s post-sunset views. The sunset was awesome, the sun didn’t appear but the colors were warm and welcoming! Every time I watch this kinda Sunset, It feels like… Sahi Kiya idhar aa kar…

If I use a phrase, “Eagle’s Eye” could be the best one to describe the beauty. But that may not be the best suitable. I think “Looking with a Third Eye” or “Sakshibhaav” could be the one! I have been coming to Saputara since 2014, and this is my 8th year consequently I am here. Yeah… Time Flies…

I am looking at a spiral road, and the old camping ground, where we used to come and take a stroll on the abandoned roads of Echo Point and Navagam. Saputara has developed a lot in the last 5 years, but this side is saved somehow. When I enter the old Temple Campus and walk through the rooms where we used to pitch the tents, I feel the old vibes… It is the same… as it was in 2017 & 2018! Mesmerizing!

Day by day & year by year, we grow a little every time, we realize the mistakes, confine them, we try to do something new and better, but the nostalgia of such places remains the same. In the last 3-4 years, a lot many things have happened to Life, and so many equations have changed. And being a math student, I feel proud to be like “Ayyar” all the time, sometimes a constant and sometimes a variable. Ayyar on good terms. For my “Aiyaarri”, you must watch the Bollywood movie titled same. It reminds me of a poem by Nida Fazli…

मन बैरागी, तन अनुरागी, क़दम-क़दम दुश्वारी है

जीवन जीना सहल न जानो, बहुत बड़ी फ़नकारी है

औरों जैसे होकर भी हम बाइज़्ज़त हैं बस्ती में

कुछ लोगों का सीधापन है, कुछ अपनी अय्यारी है

जब-जब मौसम झूमा हमने कपड़े फाड़े, शोर किया

हर मौसम शाइस्ता रहना कोरी दुनियादारी है

ऐब नहीं है उसमें कोई, लाल-परी ना फूल-गली

ये मत पूछो वो अच्छा है या अच्छी नादारी है

Now I have come down and I am sitting here on a Nallah side bench, can say on a bridge slab. It's near our old campsite. I was thinking to listen to some songs, but diary won this time too. And maybe I will post this page as a part of the blog.

I don't like the modernization of natural things. Be it a place, a person, or a feel. It hurts when the real things change for no solid reasons. But from one corner of my heart, I also sponsor this modernization cum development, with a heavy heart indeed.

Saputara changed a lot and what hurts is that it’s losing its natural beauty, but the happy part is that people are becoming nature lovers and they admire nature and monsoon after being here. Some brutal minds play politics of business, it ultimately damages the real place and a real person’s ideas of life.

I pray to the superpowers, the reiki, may the natural forces keep the old places intact, and don't ruin the true feel. I don't know how many times I will get this kind of me time to come here and pen down the thoughts, but I will love to do so!

After being crowded for a very long time, it is very important to slow down, sit alone, turn off the mobile, turn off the music, and just sit. That’s where you see a flashback and realize things, that's where you become one with your conscious. You may call this a kind of meditation. But it helps to stand up and inspires to throw another arrow.

In the last, don’t go away without listening to this music:

It will make your day beautiful! Thanks for reading!

Comment below and share your thoughts!

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