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हारा वही जो लड़ा नही

A few days back, I was driving back from Saputara. The large panoramic sunroof was open and every one of us was enjoying the spiral roads and lush green mountains. Suddenly, Tarun - my college time roommate and Surat-based Techpreneur yelled out, "Shit... Sushant committed suicide". I lowered the sound system and asked confirming "Which Sushant? Sushant Singh Rajpoot?" He didn't say a word for a while but in a moment read out the news headline saying he hanged himself in his flat in Mumbai. It was sad news!!!

As a student and a mentor of psychology, I was expecting such cases after lock down, but this was too early and this was the man, who had inspired the youth for not giving up at any cost. I was stunned and slipped myself into my memories... the memories of struggles and success! I wanted to write up this blog on the same day Sushant's case happened, but the controvery was there and I was awaiting about the clear signal.

“Life is a mix of good and bad phases. Make the most of the good times, and never lose hope during the bad times.” ―Dr Prem Jagyasi

Anyways, I thought what I can do for the young people. I believe that there are so many people, who suffered or still suffering from over thinking or depression or similar kind of things. I consider that is due to unability to fight against the odds and may be low self esteem and low level of confidence.

A fighter plane is safe while it's parked in hanger, but it is not meant for that. It is meant to fight above the horizons.

Real Life Heroes: Manoj & Shraddha

Now what I am telling you is a real story of a UP boy, who failed in his 12th class. Reason: He could not copy others due to strict supervision. And then he bought a tempo rickshaw and started working as a conductor for sorties to nearby town. Then his life changed dramatically when his vehicle was taken under custody by the local police. He had to leave the home and started studying in college. He started preparing for the competitive exams and worked in a library as a security man. Once he was doubted for his loyalty and he left his job! Again tough days. In the end, he moves to Delhi to prepare for the civil services. He worked here and there and gathererd money for his studies.

Turning point of the story is a girl, whom he met in Delhi. She was also there for the coaching and they fell for each other. She belonged from a very rich and well educated family, her parents were professors in Almoda, Uttarakhand. She supported him wonderfully.

He didn't give up and kept trying. He failed in first attempt, second and third! Meanwhile his friend, Shraddha cleared the state PSC and became SDM at Nainital. And her parents restricted her to meet Manoj if he is not an SDM!! Such a struglle for a dream.

IPS Manoj Sharma & IRS Shraddha Joshi

But one day, the results declared! The boy who failed in 12th, became IPS!!! IPS Manoj Sharma. I am very fortunate that I read the book: 12th Fail, based on his life and struggles. How an ambitious man and trust of his woman changed the world for both of them is the heart of this book. I must note this here, that Shraddha also cleared UPSC later on and she became an IRS officer.

Dont forget to watch his struglle in his own words, Watch this famous video by the Lallantop!

What all I want to share with my friends, volunteers, juniors and young minds is.... हारा वही जो लड़ा नही

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Watch the Videos about this book and Manoj - Shraddha:

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Sumit Dholariya
Sumit Dholariya

Truly inspirational....😇😇


Shaktisinh Parmar
Shaktisinh Parmar

Superb hara wohi Jo lada nahi

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