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Hey Intuition... Sorry!

Hey Intuition... Sorry!

You always poked me

and pinged me

to do what I can do!

to do what I meant to do!

But habits, you know...

I am in love with my habits!

And habits don't want to let me become a great man!

But I know

That you are highly determined

To make me a world citizen

And a better human

So sorry!

You know what is right and what is wrong

And what is good and what is not

But you don't speak when It's going wrong

You need silence to speak

and you wait until I don't shut down

But I know

You speak the truth

You have that guts too

But sorry

I often ignored you!

I know you are always there to support,

And I know you are the only one loyal,

But today

I turned 26!

I want to let you know that

You have been an amazing companion so far

Today I am so happy

Everyone is wishing me and I am proud of me


One of my true friends said to me

Captain, 26 gone, 24 left to rock on!

He added

May you plant 24 Crore Trees in 24 Years!

That moment, I missed you!

People ask me "How"

I told them to close eyes

and listen to you

I know you are loyal to them too

But I don't think everyone listens to you

But I respect you

As you can't cheat nor you can mislead

So I continue this affair with you.

Do you understand?

And Hey,

What you were telling all those sacred saints

and Sadhgurus of the past?


Do you think I am dumb?

I know you were the King Maker indeed.

Otherwise how come they know the truth so deep

without asking anyone?

You did that, right?

Because you want to rule your agenda through them!

So smart!

Hey Intuition... Listen!

You are not the guiding force

You are the GOD!

So stay tuned!

As Always :)

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