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Untouched Gujarat - an Initiative

Updated: May 24, 2020

2 years back, I was in Manali and I found a travel series on YouTube - Way Back Home. That was published by TheVibe. Rohan Thakur is the one and only person behind this series. That was the time when I realized the potential in Invincible to address the need of exploring untouched beauty of Gujarat.

So without wasting time, I created a post on social media. That was a call for photographers and video makers. Cinematography was not the term well known to me during those days. Eventually we met many people and end of the process, we came up with a strong and enthusiastic team of skilled volunteers.

Untouched Gujarat explores the lesser known places and brings out naturally beautiful destinations to the common people.

In the second photo, the middle man is Jaydip Bhesaniya, well known as JB and on the right, he is Hiren Lathiya. Both of them were students of L D Engineering College and later on we came up as a strong and understanding team.

Team, Equipment & Planning

Just after finalizing the team, we started reading and searching about the tourist destinations of Gujarat. The website of the Tourism Department was very helpful in this. We used maps frequently and went through various travel blogs and Vlogs. And then the first destination was selected: Saputara.

We had all necessary resources at Invincible. We always preferred to travel in a group of 4 people in private vehicles so that we can ensure the safety of the gears and route could be selected freely.

1. Saputara Hills | Untouched Gujarat

People know Saputara as "Kashmir of Gujarat", which is the only hill station of the state and one of the most visited tourist attraction. If you try to pinpoint Saputara on a map, you will have to struggle on Gujarat Maharashtra border! Being one important part of Sahyadri & Western Ghats, the small town is well developed and quite serene destination.

During the rainy days, it feels like heaven to all nature lovers and explorers. Team Invincible visited the hills and had a wonderful date with gushing streams and roaring waterfalls. As the rain was on full throttle since last some days, we saw Saputara like never before. We feel to inspire the young blood to set off for unplanned adventurous in the

district of the Dangs. Places visited and covered in the Video:

Saputara Town, Don Hill Station, Don Waterfalls, Gira Waterfalls & Hatgad Village.

Resulting our efforts, the video has been watched by more than 3,40,000 people and that has created a boost in tourism especially in visitors of Don Waterfalls.

We consider it a success to bring such natural gem to people's eyes.

2. Aravalli | Untouched Gujarat

Polo Forest was our first campsite in Gujarat. The area was later declared as a new district - Aravalli. The Aravalli range of mountains is considered as the oldest mountain range in India. The post monsoon beauty of all these hills are unimaginable. There are several heritage sites also.

On our way to explore the never seen beauty of Gujarat, we visited the Aravallis, Idar and Polo Forest. In search of hidden heritage and to explore the trill of our own flora and fauna, We traveled far and deep.

Places visited and covered in the Video:

Idar Rock Garden, Sapawada Village, Polo Forest, Ruthi Rani Mahel & Rani Lake

There are much more hidden places in this area, which we could not cover due to shortage of time.

Sunrise from the Idariyo Garh is the must experience thing for one and all.

To experience the Polo Forest in full bloom, you must plan it in post monsoon & well before Diwali. The lush green forests, temple ruins covered with green algae and stunning hills are just mesmerizing.

3. Ahmedabad | Untouched Gujarat

Ahmedabad today is a fusion of modern lifestyle and ancient structure... Poor slum areas to most advanced localities... Temples and riverfront to years old mosques and Rojas... Here the Team Invincibe features Ahmedabad differently. Looking through Camera's eye and point of view, we did try our best to feel this city as it is. Some lesser known things are woowen with the beautiful song by Baba Maal. It is enigmatic and fantasic... watch... watch again... and again... And feel the thrill :)

Most attractive part of this video is the song by Baba Maal. Must Listen!

This was not a planned trip. JB visited the city and the places randomly and shot this video. After the post production, we felt that this video actually qualifies for the Untouched Series. And so it was added.

4. Champaner | Untouched Gujarat

Time shuffled the cards and it went extinct... Champaner, the beautiful city of medieval era and capital of Gujarat is now a world heritage site...

More than 50 monuments spread over the Pavagadh hills and basement area, enriched by foggy weather and lush green forest cover, offer us a sense of glorified story. It is not just a heritage place, but also the shaktipeeth, where goddess Kali resides. Awful architecture and majestic structures inspire us for a salutation... To the lords of the past... Watch out the video and feel the thrill with Team Invincible!

Flying drones over the hills in the monsoon winds is always a fun. The landscapes captured were indeed spectacular.

Coming Soon Episodes in this series:

  1. Dwarka

  2. Kutch

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